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Facilitation and Stakeholder Engagements

Multi-stakeholder workshops

  • Design and Facilitation of workshops and multistakeholder engagements (including Policy dialogues, seminars, Innovation platforms etc). Employing participatory and people centred approaches
  • Multi-cultural engagement and transformation
  • Motivational speaking and program directing

Community engagement

  • Facilitate community participation and Organising the demand side (for better articulation of quality demand for services, local organisational development, linkage with services providers and benefit from the economies of scale)
  • Apply Sustainable livelihoods Framework (SLMF) and asset based approaches

Facilitation skills training

  • Facilitation of Participatory processes
  • Process documentation
Food, Agriculture, Natural Resources and Biodiversity
Organisational and Leadership development
Competence development, Training and development
Research for Development
Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact assessment
Program planning and Project management
Knowledge Management and Communications
Local Economic Development and Cooperatives
Gender, Youth and People Living with Disabilities

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